Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Some Pain

                                                at the grocery store / I run into an old friend

                                                who's lost her only child

                                                we hug / silently

                                                some pain does not have room for words


  1. So sad.
    I have a good friend that lost her son (not her only child, though) in his first semester of college, her pain never goes away but she goes on.
    Words fail us at such sad times, a healing hug can say much more.
    I am sorry for your friend and you as well.

    1. I cannot bear to think too long on the pain one must endure in these beyond sad circumstances ... Thank you, Margie.

  2. No words have ever been created for such things.

    1. nope .. just let the silence be filled with as much love as possible ...


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