Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Half Moon Horizon

                                                           head in hands

                                                           he listens to the hum of the refrigerator
                                                           her last winter coat 

                                                           still hangs by the door


  1. Your poetry has sweetened the tea I'm sipping on today, Teresa. I haven't had much time lately to immerse myself in your beautiful poems, so took what I could this morning and have been inspired by your words.

    Half Moon Horizon is so poignant it brought a tear to my eye and I sat here thinking of how the pull of the moon works its way into quite a few of your works. What a lovely book they would make.

    1. Good Morning, Penny. The moon does seem to play a rather important role in my life and poetry.
      What a sweet suggestion. Thank you. I will take it to heart. We shall see...

  2. Poignant was the word I wanted to write too. And again echoing Penny I think that a book of your poems would be lovely.

    1. I'm very encouraged by your sweet comment. I continue to give it serious thought ...


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