Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Father's Thermos

                  ... he worked away from home to put food on the table / came back on the weekends
   ... at the bottom of his lunch pail ... a candy bar / three musketeers for three daughters
                           ... five decades later / I still feel the weight of my father's thermos

My reading of it on public radio, KAXE:  https://beta.prx.org/stories/111319


  1. I remember reading a post of yours about your father's thermos, Teresa (or was it this poem?). I started noticing thermoses in antic stores and an older hardware store I sometimes go to, just because of you. Lovely.

    1. Yes, I wrote prose piece for my other blog about it and then decided to create this poem ... thermoses are such fun things and filled with memories ... :)


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