Friday, November 1, 2013

Escape Plan #3

                                                                ... escape plan #3: now ... a piece of land along the river

                       ... bicycle in the woods
                                                    ... blackbirds calling from the fence line


  1. Nice way to finish. I like this a lot. Are those red-wing blackbirds or the yellow winged ones?

    1. Red-winged ... they arrive in large numbers every spring and this fall they congregated at the top of a large Norway pine in my yard, I assume before leaving for the winter ... I've been meaning to write about it ... it was a magical morning.

    2. You know how much I love the cackling of the red-wing blackbird. Brings back fond childhood memories.

    3. Yes,I thought of you as this happened ... the sound was amazing! It went on for close to an hour as though they were being called to gather at that particular tree ... thank you ... :)


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