Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gaining Clarity

                                               ... gopher hole in grass
                                                                               ... seeing life more clearly now

                                                           ... face so close to ground

The photograph is mine.


  1. It is not always a "bird's eye view" that enlightens us!

  2. Brilliant ... just brilliant ... the soaring eagle image is overly done. You have explained the truth of how we really learn to see where we most need to see ...

    1. Some mornings, I sit here at my table, wondering if what I write matters, and then I read comments like yours that remind me why I write... there are those who understand... Thank you so much...

  3. I love it. And the photo. I'm reminded of a quote from Wendell Berry, who has said that he prefers to see the earth from on his hands and knees.

    I thought of your poetry while picking in the garden this morning. This came to me:

    While I was in the garden this morning
    A mockingbird in an ancient red oak
    Went through every song he knows.
    Show off.

    1. My Name and Wendell Berry's even in the same sentence is pretty heady stuff... :)

      Bill, I'm telling you, you are a natural. That is one wonderful poem. My way of knowing how I respond to a poem or even a line is, "I wish I'd written that." That's how I feel about your garden morning poem... I love it. Thank you so much for including it here...


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