Sunday, May 14, 2017


                                               ... baptized in rainy lake   

                        ... in a white blouse and turquoise skirt my mother made me

                                                                   ... I walked back to shore not feeling anything but wet


  1. makes me think what if no one told us of a god what would we think on our own

    1. I think of how the Native Americans saw it ... one with all of nature and the cosmos. That Oneness and the circle within which it seems to thrive feels right ...

      And what if no one usurped the teachings of Jesus for their own gain ... another, for me, important aspect.

      Thanks for commenting, Linda.

  2. I think Rainy Lake is the best named lake in the world. It straddles a border between 2 huge nations and is a logical place to be presented to a universe where borders should be secondary --awfully chilly though, which is why I was lucky to receive that sacrament in a warm church (Presbyterian, even though I did not remain one for long).

  3. Hi Teresa - I enjoyed this and the comments and have to throw this into the mix.

    I met these people from Boulder at lunch recently in Mexico. Different yes but didn't know how much so until later looking around their site who I was hanging out with.

    I saw them briefly before they left Nogalito. Knew what I wanted to say as time was short. I asked Marshall what happened in the desert 33 years ago to see what his reaction would be and did he receive a revalation and he said he did not. I said if ever he thought of his visit to Nogalito and the people he met any good thoughts or vibes he could send that way would be very nice. Wasn't going to pass up a chance on this and if the text at the link you will understand better. I put more stock in this than the other and you used the word cosmos as that is what level this is at. I believe global warming is the primary focus. Just find it interesting. Hope you are well!

    1. Well, it's interesting and I find myself in agreement with many of the things he says, but I'm always a bit skeptical of self-proclaimed "messengers." As I go along in life I find my own experiences are the ones I want and need to pay attention to the most, no need for a teacher.

      But what an interesting bit of "serendipity" that you would meet him. Perhaps it's a good step on your path to have this opportunity. I do believe meeting others can open our eyes even further.

      So good to hear from you again and I'm glad to know you're still heading south ....


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