Sunday, May 10, 2015

Singing on Sunday

                           ... bible school / bible camp / bible verses memorized ... life divided on these lines

          ... in a homemade dotted swiss dress / pressed to perfection

                                        ... I sang for the congregation ... Life's Railway to Heaven

The photograph is my mother, long before I sang for the congregation.


  1. A loving and lovely tribute to all who "Watch the curves, the fills, the tunnels..."

    1. Thank you, George, I grew up in a small church where various combinations of my family would often be the featured music. Soloing scared the devil out of me ... maybe they knew what they were doing ... ;)

      Still love this song, though ...

  2. A lovely honor to mothers and all nurturing women who press into our lives. Your own mama?
    "I sang to the congregation" carries so much in my mind - and, of course, makes me think of my own mother,
    Beautiful, Teresa.

    1. Yes, the photo is of her long before I arrived ... I love her eyes, and sense of style, who she was before marriage and family ...

      She loved music, sang beautifully, played guitar and piano, although we rarely heard either. She passed some of that on to me, but not in equal measure. ;))

      Thank you, Penny.


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