Saturday, January 18, 2014


                                    ... quietly the chasm widens
                    ... I sit in sunlight
                                                                 ... eat this tangerine


  1. A wonderful photograph and I really liked the idea of the chasm widening while eating the tangerine. Wonderful imagery in these words!

  2. May you always sit in sunlight. A very healthy poem. You are taking in Vitamin D and Vitamin C. Love the photo too. Perfect focus and lighting. I love the simplicity. Often times less is more.
    Be well. Stay warm Friend.

    1. I wish the photo was mine. I found it on a meditation site without any attribution. It fit so perfectly I had to borrow it. I hope they don't mind ...

      I so agree: less is almost always more ... Thank you for those sweet, kind thoughts ... the same to you ... thank you for being such a good friend...


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