Monday, September 15, 2014

Van Gogh Eyes

               ... december nineteen hundred and ninety six

                                                                            ... he sits on the kitchen counter

                                 ... van gogh eyes / beard the color of autumn

                                                                                               ... pours me another glass of rosanne cash


  1. My eldest son is orange --his emphatic, early preference to redhead-- and might resemble Vincent, only with more ears.

  2. "pours me another glass of Roseanne Cash" one of your best poetic lines ever. Wow!

  3. I'm certain you will hear this again and again, but, such a good line is so worthy of repeating:

    "pours me another glass of rosanne cash"

    1. That line came out of a fellow poet helping me to see more poetically ... see the possibilities in two lines becoming one ... It was a valuable lesson for me ... Thank you!

  4. I just want to echo what the comments above say--"pours me another glass of roseanne cash" is a great line/lyric!

  5. Loved this T...gotta get here more often! ;)))


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