Thursday, September 25, 2014

Floating Above Eight Strings

                       String Theory:

                              ... two a.m. / playing that song on the mandolin (even the word a cliche)

                       ... floating above eight strings ... begging for solid ground    

Painting by Alexander Volkov


  1. There is certainly a resonance here that I appreciate. A dear friend had a mandolin in the '60s and neither of us could make heads or tails of it until I tuned it like a banjo. We were such hicks, but we tried.

    1. I have relied on my musician son to help me ... love love love that sound ... a tad on the melancholy side ... especially at two a.m.:)

  2. The mandolin can be very melancholic. An exception is the mandolin-playing Chicago bluesman Johnny Young who I recommend to you. He played with Otis Spann in the 50/60s

  3. Just starting my day here, Teresa, and taking some time to read through your latest poems. They never disappoint, and always leave me digging deeper into life. String Theory.
    "floating above eight strings begging for solid ground " - beautiful.


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