Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vincent In Another Life

                                                           In late September he walks from the field

                                                           stands by the side of the road

                                                           straw hat / red beard

                                                           scythe over his shoulder

                                                           In my rear view mirror

                                                           a woman in a blue house dress

                                                           stands next to him
                                                           brushing her hair from her face


See my post on these van Gogh tilt shift images here:


  1. Wow, Teresa. I saw the tilt shift images on your other blog, and they left me in awe. Coupled with your poem here, even more so. Your title of the poem is fitting. We are seeing Vincent in another dimension; through your poetry and the image, shifted and bringing the couple forward, at least to my untrained eyes.

    1. It really stands out in this image, I think, bringing the couple to life. I actually saw this scene along the road a couple of autumns ago and knew it would someday be a poem. I felt like I actually had a glimpse into another dimension ... very strange ... a lovely experience. Thanks, Penny.


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