Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Tall Boys

                                           ... the tall boys are in the pines / one is crouching down

                             ... he's trying to tell me something

                                                                        he wants me to listen to what I already know


  1. I love that photograph! I strain sometimes to understand what a poem is saying and can read it several times without being sure, but I know exactly what this means to me. Living harmoniously with someone often means being prepared to listen to something you already know without displaying irritation. I'm not the world's best at that....

    1. And sometimes, our intuition is telling us something and we Know it, but refuse to act on it ... until our bodies and souls simply will not allow us to do anything else ...

  2. I am always, and I mean always, trying to listen to something that I already know. Again and again. Beautifully said!


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