Sunday, August 27, 2017

All the Ways

                                                   ... standing by your car / smiling into the camera

                         ... all the ways we lie

Photograph by Mara Catalan


  1. About 2 1/2 hour's drive up the coast from here is the old California town of Ukiah, which is Haiku spelled backwards. Likewise your excellent poem makes me reflect hopefully that I have stood behind that telling lens more than I have in front of it. It makes me consider truth and lies passing in both directions, and hope I've chosen the side least damaging to the soul. You are remarkable.

    1. And now I'm speechless, almost. :)
      I'm also very grateful for your beautiful comment. It's very gratifying to know someone understands what I'm trying to do ...

      "hope I've chosen the side least damaging to the soul." I have failed, more than once, but am striving to make the rest of my years as damage free as possible.

      Thank you, Geo.

  2. Or when you wave to the crowd as you are being carried from the rodeo arena.


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