Sunday, May 3, 2020

Apple Trees

                           ... the apple trees are on my land, but the neighbor is the expert on pruning

                  ... in the fall, we share the apples

                                                                        ... this year, he's pruning them alone

                                   ... we talk on the phone and say, we hope it will be a good year for apples

             ... and, the river is running high / the island has disappeared

Painting: Martin Johnson Heade


  1. My curiosity always takes over. Why is he pruning alone this year? Did his kids used to help but they are grown and moved away? Is the author of the poem sick or incapacitated in some way that they have to talk on the phone now? Or is the author away for some reason? Did the author used to prune the trees with the neighbor but sold the place and moved away and now they talk on the phone? Who used to prune the tree with him? This always happens with me--LOL! ;)

    1. "Social distancing." It's all the rage, haven't you heard? :))


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