Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Across the Great Prairie

                                                        ... across the great prairie / buffalo hooves

                           ... the rhythmic thunder of time

                                                                        ... listen ... listen ... our ancestors are speaking


  1. This one really tugged at my heart strings. Oh how I long to be able to witness an earlier time when the pulse of the earth, the rhythm of Gaia was her natural systems, her wildlife, her very soul.

  2. The way the buffalo are treated here in Montana it is not pleasant to hear what the voices from the past are saying.

  3. Imagining a story ... Unpleasant ... Filled with anguish... A desire to be what they were before the appearance of man... Poignant

    1. I have felt a deep connection to buffalo since I was a very young girl. Perhaps it's part of my NA heritage, but their eyes ... I weep for all that has been lost...

      Thank you for commenting.


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